Send Love

Due to a family emergency, I will be on bereavement leave until further notice.

Please check out the Carrot Community Arts Cafe (9351 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0N3), Ch. Cafeteria (14802 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5N 3S5), & Cosmic Hotline (, for different HighKu.Co Products across Canada. 

For any outstanding orders or anyone who needs to grab anything, I will be offering pick up today and tomorrow at our downtown pick up location only. As I will be out of town until further notice. 

Please keep the HighKu.Co family in your thoughts and prayers at this time. Grieving a loss can change your life. Thank you for understanding and please be patient with us over the next few weeks. 

Cosmic Tip For This Week

You are blessed with so much that you once dreamed of; a loving circle, perhaps even loving pets and plants. Take some time to appreciate these treasures and strike that balance in your life. Your aspirations are a lifelong journey, your loved ones are here to make this journey meaningful. Go easy on yourself and take time to create that piece of heaven you are looking for. Make space for love, happiness, and forgiveness today.

Sincerely, Anisha Reindorf 

Flower Moon

The beginning of May marks the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice and provides plenty of reasons to look up. The opening of the month also brings a waxing moon brightening the evening sky. This month’s full moon on May 5th is known as the “flower” moon. Friday night, the full moon will graze Earth’s shadow to create what’s known as a penumbral lunar eclipse.

A full moon is generally marked by a period of unburdening the mind and getting revitalised. When a lunar eclipse is factored in, it provides an opportunity to focus on oneself and introspect. Reportedly, astrologers see this moon phase as a time of vulnerability and letting out the deepest emotions for the different zodiacs. During this time, communication is key during the flower moon month and can affect your equation with your siblings. It’s time to let go of certain things, not be bothered by negativity and encourage self-love. May
2023 can also be a month of taking a step back and rebooting.

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Retrograde & RSO

Taurus Season is in full swing, and the practical magic this zodiac sign provides is ideal for bringing new levels of efficiency to all that you do. Finicky Mercury is solidly in its first full week of retrograde as it backs up through pragmatic Taurus from April 21 to May 14. Move through your missions with care! While Mercury in retrograde doesn’t sound like the best news out there, let us deliver a silver-lined perspective to you. For one thing, there couldn’t be a better excuse to embrace slow living. As you move through this week, consciously choose to trade burnout culture norms for mindful, deliberate activities.

Since Taurus is the zodiac sign that rules the senses—and the body—you’re invited to treat yours like the most sacred temple.

Be kind, be good, and be generous. Be the kind of person others want to see coming their way. If you have to fake it, then do, because this caring, positive vibe will grow, settle and become natural soon enough. The Six of Pentacles asks us all to be a little bit, well, nicer to each other this week. Make an effort. Pay compliments, offer support, listen, show up, share advice, and provide help. When you’re good to others, it makes you feel good, too. Plus, it stores up “good karma credit” in the cosmic bank. What more do you need? Just be kind!- Anisha Reindorf